Art Guidelines

If sending by electronic artwork, it is essential that the best art possible be provided to insure timely delivery and prevent additional costs. Preferable formats inlcude:

  • Adobe Illustrator (All text outlined)
  • PDF Files (All text outlined)
  • EPS Files (All text outlined)
  • JPEG*

*Please Note: If artwork must be redrawn, (i.e. working from a flag, photo or jpeg image) an art charge may apply.

Art Creation & Editing Charges

We realize that not everyone has a “print ready” logo. We offer one complimentary hour of editing logos that need it. Any additional time spent editing will be billed at $50.00 per hour. If you need us to create your art from scratch there will be a $75.00 charge for the first hour and a $50.00 charge for every hour after that.


We will send you a proof with a color rendering of your item. We will not begin any production until you are pleased with the proof.

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The Flag Loft was established in 1990 with a goal to manufacture quality banners, flags, soft signage and give exceptional customer service; making our clients a priority. We began by specializing in appliqué flags and banners and expanded to include: digital print, wall and floor graphics, flag poles, street pole banners, hard signage and exhibit designs.

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